Tis the seasion… for fake shipping emails!

Be careful of that shipping notification email in your inbox, it might just be a fake!
All throughout the year spammers send out fake shipping emails in hope that you click on the link, or download the attachment.  Don’t do it!  UPS, the US Post Office & FedEx do not send messages with attachments that you need to download and open or install.  Also, be careful when clicking on links within the emails, as they take you to sites you don’t intend to visit.  Make sure you know where you will be taken by first hovering over the link, and looking in the status bar.  If the URL shown doesn’t match the sender (example, FedEx Email sending you anywhere but Fedex.com) do not click!
Our spam filters are working hard, and are currently catching over 99% of these messages, but as always, stay alert!