Keeping Up With The Curve, But Not With The Joneses

There is always a balance needed between having the latest and greatest, and having something that isn’t full of bugs and issues!

While it is true, you need to stay on top of your technology, you don’t need to keep up with “The Joneses.”  Sometimes that great new device that just came out looks cool, but has a few bugs.  We all remember what happened when people jumped on the Vista Bandwagon (I admit, we did too, But in our defense, we uninstalled it from all company PC’s within a week and went back to XP!).  Along the same lines, some clients are scared of Windows 7, when it is a very stable and usable version of windows, that most people love!

Here at Digital Domains, we love new technology as much as you do, but we love new technology that works even better!

8:25 pm | by Digital Domains