If its not broken, why are you replacing it?

It was published today that 35% of people who were asked said they would buy the iPhone 5 without knowing anything about it, or any of the new features.  That’s amazing that there are that many people out there who will buy a product blind.

We highly recommend not adopting new products or software as soon as they are released, as you never know what issues might come up.  Sit back, relax, wait for others to stumble and find the flaws, have them fixed, and then go ahead and get that new toy, phone, computer, or what ever it is!  If you have any questions about new hardware or software, call us first to make sure you won’t run into any problems!

When you are upgrading your pc, keep in mind some older accessories may not work anymore, as the original maker may not be updating drivers anymore. This is one of the few times we will suggest to replace something when it isn’t broken.

3:38 am | by Digital Domains